Was It All Worth It? (Season 3, Episode 2)

Filmmaker Matthew MccCoy and I pick up our conversation about the Counting Crows and ask ourselves, “If the Counting Crows have an OK Computer in them, what would it be?”

That is, could the Counting Crows produce a record that took longtime fans utterly by surprise, was somehow groundbreaking in its own way, and was an artistic, as well as a commercial, success? What would a late Counting Crows pinnacle look like?

This is a band that once seemed to care about their artistic expression and cared about their fans. So why won’t Adam Duritz stop writing songs for lovesick sixteen-year-old boys? Where, in the end, is Adam Duritz’ cello album?

Artists mentioned in this episode include:

The Avett Brothers
Big Star
Blind Faith
The Byrds
Alex Chilton
The Decemberists
Bob Dylan
Frightened Rabbit
The Jayhawks
Jack Johnson
Led Zeppelin
Maroon 5
The National
Velvet Underground
Gillian Welch
Yo-Yo Ma

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