Anyone from Anywhere (S1, E9)

We spend a lot of time on this show talking about people’s musical obsessions. On this episode, I share one of mine: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, written by Andrew Lloyd Weber, lyrics by Tim Rice.

This timeless musical has proven itself able to be endlessly updated to match current musical styles and pop-culture trends. Why? And why do I love this musical so much?

The penultimate episode of Season 1….enjoy!

Artists mentioned in this episode:

The Eagles
Fresh Prince


  1. Fun stuff, Charles. Great to hear your voice. I have the 1973 album and your favorite version, too. Want to know where you saw that first production. BTW- Donny Osmond is an amazing talent. I bet you didn’t have Donny Osmond Superstar.

    1. Hi Kevin! I remember the early 90s IH production, but I believe I first saw it at St. X! I may have that timeline wrong though. It was a long time ago! Gotta check out Donny Osmond in JC Superstar for sure!

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