Sax and Violence on TV (S2, E9)

Forrest Covington, Jr.

FORREST COVINGTON, JR. won the 1982 BMI Student Composer Award for his composition, “Chthonic Mass.” He’s a composer, teacher, audio archivist, and all-around deep thinker who once built a Gamelan Orchestra out of junk.

On today’s episode, Forrest and I talk about the possibilities of Jungian archetypes in music; the difference between ridiculous and useful contraints; and the power of being simple, but not simple-minded.

Part 1 of 2!

To hear more of Forrest’s work, click here.

Artists mentioned in this epsiode:

Ludwig van Beethoven
Frédéric Chopin
Nathaniel Dett
Claude Debussy
Marti Epstein
Philip Glass
Scott Joplin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
North Carolina Symphony Orchestra
Harry Partch
Steve Reich
Arnold Schoenberg
Antonio Vivaldi
Winston-Salem Triad Orchestra

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