To Better Hear the Sound of a Whisper (S2, E7)

George Fiore
George Fiore at home, 2007

Until very recently, our ability to record sound has far oustripped our ability to replay it.

For example, have you noticed that sometimes MP3s sound really crappy? Do you notice more nuance in the music you’re listening to, depending what you’re listening through? Don’t those blu-tooth headphones you recently bought seem to be offering more bass and texture than blue-tooth devices past?

There’s a reason.

This is why a loss, such as the fire that struck UMG in 2008, was such a tragedy.

Join me, as we deep-dive into the technology of sound.

Artists mentioned in this episode include:

The Beatles
Ludwig van Beethoven
Belle Biv Devoe
Rosemary Clooney
George Fiore
Elmore James
Keith Jarrett
Dolly Parton
Busta Rhymes
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Sylvan Esso

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