Trip the Leitmotif Fantastic (S1, E4)

Trinity Velez-Justo

CRISTINA TRINITY VÉLEZ-JUSTO is a composer for film and media.

She has scored multiple festival-nominated short films, features, commercials, promotional videos, and more, including the cue “Skip Rescues Pip” from Splash!, a 3D animated short, which won Best Orchestration for an Animated Short at the Garden State Film Festival.

Trinity is an adjunct faculty member of the MFA Film Music Composition program at UNC School of the Arts. When not working on projects, she is speaking and leading workshops at universities, filmmaking events, and film festivals all over the Southeast.

She is the owner of Reel Scoring, which provides original music for film, video games, television and multimedia. She hosts a popular video series geared toward filmmakers, and she’ll be leading live workshops around the state.

Visit her website, www. and follow her on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter

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